Health Communications & Outreach

Communications support of CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR)

CDC’s OPHPR plays an essential role in strengthening the nation’s public health security by working with state and local health departments to respond to threats ranging from disease outbreaks and epidemics, to natural disasters, environmental hazards or acts of terrorism. During a public health crisis, OPHPR engages in a variety of public communication efforts to inform the population, encourage the adoption of preventive behaviors, and limit the impact of adverse events. Communication services are vital to the public in preparing for public health emergencies, as well as guiding appropriate and safe actions during the aftermath.

SIS supports OPHPR using multi-channel communications to optimize internal and external communications to support the achievement of organizational and programmatic goals.  SIS Health Communications Specialist (HCS) develops enterprise-wide communications, including scientific communications, policy information, newsletters, internal meetings and an intranet and SharePoint site. External communications includes web, social media, media relations, external newsletters and targeted communication products and coordination with external partners.